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Intuition, Träume und außerkörperliche Erfahrungen
Unsere emotionalen Verbindungen zu Menschen, Dingen und Orten
Die wichtigen Funktionen der verschiedenen Träume

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(ISBN 97 8374 8144 687)

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Somethin about this stuff

Why do we publish family trees in the chinnow network? The Chinnow family is far more branched than you might assume. Although this name does not appear very often in comparison to other names it is not yet possible to present the Chinnow family as a whole, in one family tree. Up to now there are two of them that have been assembled with great effort, but do not show any links where they could be joined.

For years Heinz Chinnow from Twickingham, Michigan (USA), has been busy with genealogy, collecting information from various sources like international archives, the internet, and from family members still living in good old Europe, the result of which is the provisional family tree presented on this site.

The other family tree has been assembled by Manfred Chinnow from Mettmann, Germany, who, like Heinz, has been collecting information on his ancestry line for years. In addition to that we hope to be able to present an essay on the history of the Chinnow family soon.


Download family files No1
published by Heinz Chinnow (USA)

Download family files No2
published by Manfred Chinnow (Germany)

In order to open the family files after downloading them you will need the free Family Archive Viewer from

Geogen online service

The following map of Geogen online service shows, where you find how much chinnow's in Germany:

Geogen online service map

Have a look at the Chinnows' coat of arms:

Das oder ein Chinnow Wappen

Philosophie des Lebens
Im Alltag zurechtfinden
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(ISBN 97 8375 1921 947)

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Wie wir unsere
Realität bilden

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Philosophie des Lebens
Im Alltag zurechtfinden

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für die
letzte Reise

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Beschwerdefrei leben
mit Allergien

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Leben nach dem Tod

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Träume, Intuition & Präkognition

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kleine Weisheiten

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Physik an
der Grenze zur

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Ergänzungband 9
der Metaphysik
& Literaturverzeichnis

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Schrauben an
alten Benzen

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