Pomerania 1945: Echoes from the Past

A Teenager's Diary of Peace, War, Flight and Expulsion

This book portrays the story of the Walter Chinnow family from Stolpmuende/ Pomerania, now better known as Ustka/ Poland. It is based on the diary ofthe author Heinz Chinnow, dating back to the critical years after the war.

Times were good until 1939. That is when the war broke out and all the cruelty and insanity of the war unfolded. On the day of the authors confirmation, March 5. 1945 was the date when the family became fugitives in their own country. With the thought they wouldget better treatment from the Americans they went West away from the approaching Russians. It was well known that the Russians raped the women and murdered or deported the men.

Refugees came through Stolpmuende for month in this cold winter of 1945. All German cities were laying in ruins from the constant bombings. Theassumption to get better treatment from the Americans proved right. The "Marshal Plan" saved a lot of people all over Europe. After the breakup of Germany, Pomerania became a Polish province. The murder and suppression continued until the final cruel deportation of all Germans.

Portraitphoto Heinz Chinnow. USA

The authors biography:

  • Born in March 21. 1931 in Stolpmuende/Pomerania
  • Married in Hamburg to Klaere Singer in 1954
  • Immigrated into the U.S.A. in March 1957
  • Made citizenship in 1965
  • Adopted son Marc in 1966 and daughter Michelle in 1969
  • Retired since 1993
  • The author is living with his wife in Sterling Heights, Michigan, U.S.A.
The book also contains the familytree of the Chinnow family from 1649.
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